CPD Active Is Used To Capture, Store, Maintain And Present Your CPD Profile

Arrows Connect and our journey!

Arlene Henry, Catherine Graham, Cara Dutfield - Studied Occupational Therapy at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. We had to complete a CPD profile as part of a university project and found it incredibility difficult to complete the requirements in line with the HCPC standards.

We conducted research which found that other qualified professionals and students had the similar difficulties. In fact, there was a very negative view of CPD and being called for audit was dreaded by many. Many professionals have done the hard work of going to events and learning experiences however found the reflection process difficult!

We took this knowledge and created a software programme that will enable health professionals to keep their CPD up to date and in line with the HCPC standards. Using CPD Active members can record all their activities and use our simple 6 question format to guide them through their reflections. We also give inspiration hints and tips for each questions!

Over the past two years, we have been working hard to create what CPD Active is today. Arlene, Cara and Catherine have all been maintaining their OT skills by working part time within health and social care environments to help support the venture. We were lucky to kindly receive investment from Andrew Bird, Inoapps, which made this venture possible. We have had the pleasure to meet many of you at annual College of Occupational Therapist's conferences and are grateful for all the input, testing, and feedback given. We look forward to meeting more AHPs in the next phase of our journey.

What is CPD Active?

CPD ACTIVE - This is the main focus of our software where members can log their CPD activities and reflections. Once subscribed You will log in to the software and have your calendar of activities, and can log events. From this you can then write reflections using our simple 5 question format and hints and tips and then add your hard evidence. All these steps are in line with the HCPC standards so if all completed you will be prepared should you get called for audit. We also have the ability to use the quick log to write quick reflection notes on the go. After adding all your activity information and reflections you can then prepare your CPD for audit where the software complies all your information into the suitable format to meet HCPC standards.

We have a "LEARNING” area where we encourage members to take part of self directed activities. Here you can view reflection templates that other users have submitted to help inspire and guide you. You can take part in discussions forums, both professional and student specific, and create new ones. We hope subscribers will use this section to learn from others and then reflect on that learning to it will develop there practice and in turn their CPD.

- We then also have a "PROFESSIONALS” area where we give knowledge on various aspects of being a health professional. This includes various standards, guidelines and policies, general information on the process of CPD, what to include and about HCPC who regulate our CPD's. We also give information for students about becoming practitioners and what to expect though this process!