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Student to practitioner

When to register with HCPC

You can apply for HCPC registration once you are successful in completing an allied health professional, degree at an approved university. Registration is completed biyearly and is renewed by paying your registration fee and meeting the CPD standards if called for audit.

To apply for HCPC registration, download a registration form from their website


It is important to remember you are required to include a character reference, two forms of identification photo-copied and your registration fee. The registration fee is called a "scrutiny fee" and is non-refundable. This is a one off payment of £53. Your registration fee costs £152 for a two year cycle of registration. At present, if you have graduated from an approved course university within the last two years you can receive 50% off your registration fee (making it £76 for the two years!).

HCPC estimate that forms are taking between 7 to 10 working days to process.

When to apply for jobs?

Students can apply for jobs in their final year. There is no set time for students to apply for jobs, however it is useful to start applying a few months before graduation, especially if you wish to work soon after graduation. When completing application forms, employers will ask you for your HCPC registration number. DONT PANIC, employers are aware that students will not have a registration number so leave this field blank. You have to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council before working as a qualified professional and therefore, as soon as you receive your award, you start your HCPC application. The Health and Care Professions Council do not allow students to register however this will not affect students' opportunities to apply for jobs.

Being a new graduate, it can be difficult adjusting from the transition from student to practitioner. Please utilise our discussion forum space as an opportunity to discuss the issues surrounding the transition with other students, graduates and practitioners.